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Excellent white for fresco Ref ;. Manganese Carbonate Ref wikipedia ;. Powdered oyster shells; Mostly calcium carbonate in the form of an aragonite Ref ;. Not a specific compound but a group of related compounds consisting of sodium, aluminum, silicate and oxygen;. Used in foods as anti caking agent; Ref: wikipedia ;. Used as a filler extender and as a white pigment in paints, printing inks and paper, where it acts as a partial substitute for titanium dioxide.

CAS Usually used to give iridescence or pearl lustre to other pigments Ref. Basic Lead Carbonate 2 ;. Basic White Lead 2 ;. Ceruse [ NP. Ceruse White [ NP. Cremnitz White [ OH. Flake White [ BX. Flemish White [ UT.

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Lead White [ NP. Lead White 2 [ NP. Silver White [ HO. Venetian White [ NP. White lead 2. Stack or Dutch process lead white Flake White is made by taking strips or sheets of lead and rolling them up into porous clay pots where they are suspended above weak acetic acid vinegar. The pots are then buried in fermenting horse dung or cow manure producing heat and CO2. Chemical composition and other interesting information can be found at PubChem Open Chemical Database ;. Cerussite 1 and Hydrocerussite are the natural mineral forms and may have some impurities.

Ref wikipedia ; Ref galleries.

Hydrocerussite Ref mindat. Making pigments and more info: lead white at "Pigments through the Ages" WebExhibits. Castro, M. Olazabal and J. Madariaga , University of the Basque Country, Dept. Analytical Chemistry and Dept. Lead Carbonate 2 Ref wikipedia ;. Lead Carbonate 2 :. EC MSDS 1. MSDS 2. MDSD 3. Many historical names referred to specific method or place of manufacture.

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Today these names are mostly just marketing terms, although some pigment suppliers have genuine Ceruse, and Flake white dutch process still available in small batches, most notably Natural Pigments , Kremer and Michael Harding to name a few. This would not usually be on the label or indicated in the literature. Take precautions when working with lead paints. Lead is an accumulative poison and can build up in your body over years.

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Lead has a sweet taste it was even used as an artificial sweetener by the Romans , so keep it far out of the reach of children and pets. It's a bad idea to ever spray paint or airbrush with lead based pigments. Even if you wear a dusk mask and protective clothing, it would be almost impossible to control and clean up the overspray. Lead Sulfate [ NP.

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Some common names, chemical data, and pigment info is confusing or conflicting and seem to refer to PW2 and PW3 interchangeably. Ref Natural Pigments Blog ;. Blanc de Zinc [ LB. Mixing White [ WN. Neo-Zinc White [ HO. Permanent Chinese White [ MR. Tint White [ SE. Transparent Mixing White [ LQ. Zinc Mixing White [ TA. Zinc White Oxide [ GB. Zincite is the natural mineral form often reddish from impurities of manganese. It has been used since antiquity, resulting from a byproduct of brass production.

Making pigments: How to make Zinc White at webexhibits. BWS 8;8;8 Guerra. See Pigment White 4 Handprint. Zinc White is often mixed with Titanium White in artist's oil paints. Titanium White is said to be soft and "spongy" and Zinc White is said to be hard and "brittle". Together they supposedly cancel out each others cons. New studies suggest zinc white may lead to premature cracking in oil colors Ref.

Natural Pigments ,.

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The studies on zinc white cracking, may or may not pertain to mixtures with Titanium White in artist paints. Blanc de Titane [ LB. Lithopone White [ SE. Porcelain White [ WL. Transparent White [ LA.

Zinc Mixing White [ DR. Zinc Sulfide [ MA. Zinc White [ DR.

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The precipitate is recovered by filtration, then calcined" Britannica. Added to artist, and so-called "designer" or "Illustrator" gouache paints to make a pigment more opaque and to lighten the hue, this is often not indicated on the art supply manufacturer's labels. Used as a white pigment or adulterant in artist paints, student grade paints and many light colored artist convenience mixes especially in economy priced paints.