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Will you circulate your papers among the other panelists prior to the conference? Will your papers address common themes?

How collaborative do you want your panel to be? Knowing your audience is critical for any writing assignment, but conference papers are special because you will be physically interacting with them. Take a look at our handout on audience.


Anticipating the needs of your listeners will help you write a conference paper that connects your specific research to their broader concerns in a compelling way. You can identify these by revisiting the call for proposals and reviewing the mission statement or theme of the conference. What key words or concepts are repeated? How does your work relate to these larger research questions? If you choose to orient your paper toward one of these themes, make sure there is a genuine relationship. Superficial use of key terms can weaken your paper.

Finding these linkages is part of the brainstorming process. See our handout on brainstorming. If you are presenting at a conference that is within your primary field, you should be familiar with leading concerns and questions. Contextualizing your narrow research question within larger trends in the field will help you connect with your audience.

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You might be really excited about a previously unknown nineteenth-century poet. But will your topic engage others? She is really important for understanding developments in Romantic poetry in the s! Should I cut and paste? Be careful here. Time constraints and the needs of your audience may require a tightly focused and limited message.

To create a paper tailored to the conference, you might want to set everything aside and create a brand new document. But you will also benefit from taking a fresh look at your research. Since your conference paper will be part of an oral presentation, there are special considerations for citations. You should observe the conventions of your discipline with regard to including citations in your written paper. However, you will also need to incorporate verbal cues to set your evidence and quotations off from your text when presenting.

Instead, signal quotations through the inflection of your voice or with strategic pauses. There are numerous ways to effectively organize your conference paper, but remember to have a focused message that fits the time constraints and meets the needs of your audience. You should limit the information that you present. Instead, try selecting main points and provide examples to support those points.

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Alternatively, you might focus on one main idea or case study and use examples to explain it. One way to anticipate how your ideas will sound is to read your paper out loud. Help listeners understand your ideas by making sure that subjects and verbs are clear and by avoiding unnecessarily complex sentences. The next day at work, Alex explains his revelation about dependent events and statistical fluctuations to a hesitant team of co-workers.

Fortunately, he is able to prove his point by using these principles to complete a large overdue order. Now what…? But Alex, on the other hand, remains unsure what to do next. Predictably, Jonah is consulted once again. This time, the professor discloses the Theory of Constraints: "A bottleneck is any resource whose capacity is equal to or less than the demand placed upon it. A non-bottleneck is any resource whose capacity is greater than the demand placed on it.

Alex and his team set out to find their bottleneck and zero in on the NCX machine and heat treatment section….

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Jonah finally visits the plant in person. He explains to Alex that every plant should have bottlenecks! But Alex is confused. What must he do to increase the capacity of the plant?

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Ideally he would like to purchase an additional machine, but they have neither the time nor the budget for that. How much does it costs when the bottlenecks NCX and heat treatment machines go down? And how much does it cost when the whole plant goes down? How many working hours are available per month?

About That is because each minute of downtime at a bottleneck translates into lost throughput for the entire plant! Alex prioritizes the bottlenecks to work on the overdue orders starting from the most overdue down to the least. While this production plan is being set into motion, Alex discovers that his wife Julie had been staying with her parents.

But when he tries to convince her to come home, she insists that she needed more time to herself…. The crew works out a detailed plan to keep the bottlenecks fully utilized. They soon discover that they need a mechanism to inform workers about the priority sequence at non-bottlenecks as well. A system of red and green tags is put into place to map priorities visually: Red for bottleneck parts to be worked on first and green for non-bottleneck parts to be worked on second.

Alex is determined to make up for the weekend he owes Julie, so he asks her out for Saturday. She is excitedly agrees to this plan. This time, Alex manages to keep the date he promised his wife without any interference from work…. Monday morning, Alex is excited to learn that their new system is actually working… the plant managed to ship twelve overdue orders!

Alex is pleased, but he definitely wants more.

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He invites suggestions from the team for additional improvements. Bob, the production manager, finds and refurbishes an old machine to take some of the load off the NCX Things are finally beginning looking up…. New problems crop up at the bottlenecks to disrupt production.

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There is nothing to do while waiting for the bottleneck to finish its batch, so workers have been shifted to other areas between batches to keep busy. To prevent this, Alex dedicates one foreman at each constraint location all all times. Meanwhile, things are beginning to work out between Alex and Julie as well…. The team is excited about the sudden increase in performance and decides to celebrate. Afterwards, Stacey dropped Alex home but Julie is waiting up for him. She becomes suspicious that Alex might be cheating on her and leaves!

Back in plant, the new priority system is in place. The rate of flow has increased considerably, thus reducing inventory. But now that the productivity of the bottleneck has improved, new bottlenecks begin to surface! This intrigues Jonah and he decides to visit the plant to have a look….

Rather, the current practice of prioritizing non-bottlenecks to work first on bottleneck parts inadvertently caused the problem. Another part, which is required for final assembly, does not require any work by the bottleneck. Hence those parts were produced on lowest priority, leading to shortages at final assembly. The solution might be to rework the tagging system to create an equal supply of the two parts.

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The focus now expands to include matching the production of bottleneck parts to ensure timely availability of non-bottleneck child parts. If successful, this could also reduce the accumulation of bottleneck parts in WIP inventory at the assembly line while awaiting their respective matching parts from the non-bottleneck processes …. It might take some time since there are so many parts stacking in front of the bottleneck.

But this would eventually create a balance between production of the bottleneck and non-bottleneck parts. Tired but relieved, Alex drops Jonah back to catch his flight at the airport Once again, Alex is summoned for another corporate meeting. But this time, he is expecting plenty of appreciation for the achievements of his team.

Instead, the meeting turns into a disaster. Management is considering closing the entire division. When Alex confronts Mr. Peach in private, he is told that if he can improve another fifteen percent, he might be allowed to keep his plant open. It seems pretty challenging because this would require generating additional new demand from the market. Despite his secret misgivings, Alex promises to achieve it. When he returns to spend time with his wife and kids, he manages to get into another fight with his wife.