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Get the mobile app. Mortgages Get the right mortgage to finance your new home. Refinance Refinance your existing mortgage and get cash out. Home Equity Tap into the value of your home to help pay for something you need. First time homebuyer? Find a home. Need help with home loan payments? Get a low rate on purchase, refinance and lease buyout loans Learn more. The state with the most miserable cities was California, with 10 in the top New Jersey was second with nine, and Florida had six. Here are the 50 most miserable cities in the US, based on US census data. It's had crime problems, both with meth addiction and neo-Nazis.

But Mayor R. Rex Parris is doing what he can to kickstart the city, including looking to China for investment. Sixty-five percent of people work and one quarter are living in poverty. The city has had struggled with crime and gun violence. The city has relatively relaxed gun laws, including allowing people to carry loaded guns in cars without permits.

Then-Mayor Francis Slay said crime was the No. Mostly working-class , the city is based near petrochemical plants, and is known for its race issues. It used to be home to the Texas headquarters of the Ku Klux Klan. Now, it's divided. In the north it's primarily made up of Latino people and to the south it's mostly white people.

Macon-Bibb County has , people, but it lost 1. One of Macon-Bibb County's biggest problems is blight.

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Across the city there are about 3, unoccupied buildings , including dilapidated homes and overgrown yards. Danville has 40, people, but its population fell by 5. It used to be one of the richest cities in the Piedmont area. But it's struggled since its tobacco and textile mills shut down. However, the city is fighting for a comeback. It's set up solar farms, and its downtown is in the midst of a rehabilitation to turn abandoned warehouses into mixed-use developments. In , it struggled with floods from the Red River. Its murder rate also doubled from to , up to 42 murders, and the city also had an increase in other crimes, like rape, robbery, and aggravated assault.

Hemet has a population of 85, people and between and , it grew by 8.

However, it's struggled since the recession. Twenty-three percent of people live in poverty, and crime rates are high. In , cars were stolen, robberies were reported, and police logged aggravated assaults — the most this century. Mansfield has 46, residents, but lost 2. It used to have lots of industrial work, with people making things like steel, machinery, and stoves, but that dried up in the s and s. More recently, in , a GM factory closed its doors , leading to more job losses. It's 60 miles east of Los Angeles, and has an interesting history.

It's where McDonalds began, as well as the Hells Angels motorcycle gang. Along with a tough recession, it had a steel plant and an Air Force base close down, meaning even fewer jobs. The city struggles with poverty and unemployment. But it's no longer as dangerous as the way it was portrayed in the film " Straight Outta Compton.

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A big issue is affordable housing. A home-ownership counselor told the New York Times in that prospects for first-time buyers weren't good, and that opportunities to live there weren't growing. It's a hot city, with little rainfall , although recently, it's been dealing with flooding. It's also one of three cities where 2, immigrants were released in , putting pressure on the city to help them. Its economy struggled after factories closed down or downsized, laying people off.

Halfway between Miami beach and Fort Lauderdale, it's been called a "once scruffy beach town," by the Wall Street Journal. It also has plenty of strip clubs and has been nicknamed "Hound-ale Beach. It also has a median commute time of It was at one point called " the foreclosure capital of California. Fifty-six percent of people are employed, and one-quarter live in poverty.

Formerly a thriving GM city with 24 factories, things deteriorated when the carmaker closed factories and 23, people lost their jobs.

Is Vancouver the best city in North America?

It's also been a city that has been dealing with blight. This city used to have an economy based around citrus farming , but struggled with diseases and the effects of trade deals. It also has to replenish the sand on its beaches every few years, because of ocean erosion.