Manual Crocheting: A Complete Tutorial

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I love crocheted pillows. These pillows are very easy to make and you can make several to have them all over the house. Each pillow needs just two skeins of yarn and some pillow filling — or use upcycled fabric if you prefer. Do these in any number of colors for the couch and living room chairs, and you can even adjust the pattern to make them different sizes. Tutorial and Pattern: thecraftpatchblog. Imagine having lovely roses all over your house! You can easily create these with a bit of yarn and your crochet hook.

The pattern is so easy to follow and the roses themselves can be made in less than an hour each. Tutorial and Pattern: skiptomylou. Here are two different ways that you can easily create a crocheted beanie type hat. Tutorial and Pattern: gatheringbeauty.

Flannel baby blankets are great and all, but they can be so boring with regards to style and design. Tutorial and Pattern: sewchic. A crocheted bath pouf? I love this idea!

How to Crochet for Beginners: Yarns, Patterns and Projects

Imagine how soft this would be in the shower, and you can throw it in the washing machine as needed, too. This crocheted iPhone case is really stylish and really easy to make.

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It keeps your iPhone snug and protected — and you could adjust the pattern a bit if you need to make it fit a different smartphone. I love these crocheted boot cuffs. Each one will take you about an hour or less. You just follow the pattern twice to make two boot cuffs. I had a pair of crocheted slippers when I was younger, and I really loved them. Tutorial and Pattern: diyncrafts. Every little girl in the world loves Elsa from Frozen.

Crochet – Crafts – Inspiration

You can make your little girl so happy with this easy to crochet Elsa hat. Or, if your little one prefers Anna, you could make that instead. These hats are so creative with their long braids running down the sides, and they are very easy to crochet. If your little girl loves Frozen, this is the perfect winter hat for you to practice your crocheting on. Tutorial and Pattern: handiytutorials. Oh my goodness these little baby flip flops are adorable! If you have a baby coming or know someone who does, these are going to make the perfect baby gift.

The pattern can be adjusted to make sizes from newborn to twelve months, so you can make a pair for every baby girl you know. Remember to make two of the pattern to get a pair of shoes. Tutorial and Pattern: whistleandivy. Make several of them to have them on hand or give them away to your favorite girlfriends.

Popcorn stitches are gorgeous and you can easily learn them with this popcorn stitch flower pattern. This is a really easy project and one that will only take you a few minutes once you get the hang of it. You just begin and then crochet into a circle to finish off the flower. Use the flowers to decorate your headbands, pillows, ponchos, or any number of other DIY projects. Create these easy to crochet jar cozies for your mason jars and use them to decorate all over the house. You can use them as pencil holders or turn them into the perfect place to store your knitting needles and crochet hooks.

They also make great vases — just whatever you want to do with them. The pattern itself is really easy to follow and you can make one of these in less than an hour no matter what your skill level. Tutorial and Pattern: gratefulprayerthankfulheart. A bangle bracelet is a nice accessory for any outfit.

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These crocheted bangles are perfect for all occasions and are so easy to make. Teens and girls of all ages are going to love them. You should be able to make one in less than an hour, and you can do multiple colors in different bracelets or combine your colors in one if you know how to join colors. Tutorial and Pattern: lebenslustiger. I love hair ties — I love a lot of things actually, but I really do use a lot of hair ties.

This crocheted hair ties pattern makes it so easy for you to never run out of those long hair necessities. You can make a hair tie in about 15 minutes or less! Take a couple of hours and make one of every color so you always have something in the color that you need. I love this idea for keeping hair ties in the house — you know, those things just disappear all the time!

Tutorial and Pattern: curiousandcatcat. Any child will adore these cute little crocheted octopus toys. I think they would be great to add to a basket for a baby shower or you could make a few of them for your own kids. Do different colors to get a nice little collection. These are a bit more complicated than some of the crochet projects in this list.

Tutorial and Pattern: mohumohu. This beautiful blanket could also double as a nice throw rug. I love how bright and cheery this is and how puffy the flowers are! This one may take several hours but it will be so much worth the effort when the finished product is this amazing blanket. Use a collection of colors to make it really bright or you could stick to one or two colors to make the pattern a bit easier.

Bow ties are cool — or at least they are according to Dr. If your son, hubby, or anyone else in your life feels the same way, you can easily create these textured bow ties with just a bit of yarn and your crochet hook. Tutorial and Pattern: deliacreates.

This pencil pouch could also be used as a small makeup bag.

Crochet for Beginners: A Complete Step by Step Guide to Learn Crocheting the Quick & Easy Way

You can easily crochet this in about an hour or less, and I love the contrasting colors, although you can use whatever colors or color combinations you want. You only need one ball of yarn for each one that you make, and this is a great project for those of you who have never crocheted before.

Talk about a retro project! I love the fringes on the sides, too. The top has a great quilt pattern that you can easily make by crocheting individual squares of each color. Once you have all the colored pieces done, you just join them together and create the sides and then add the fringe. Tutorial and Pattern: atty-s.

Really, the crocheting part of this project is a breeze. These slippers or adult booties are very easy to make. You only need 10 quick rounds to create them for each slipper, which is amazing considering they are so soft and comfortable when finished.