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When Joker uses an unknown substance to put their lives in jeopardy, Shinra grabs the two unconscious people and tells Arthur to cut a hole through the ceiling, so they can escape.

In mid-air, before Shinra could save Arthur and Tamaki from falling, Leonard jumps in and rescues the girl, while Arthur is rescued by their team-mates. Later, Akitaru promises to reveal him the reason Company 8 was created. The following day, Akitaru explains to Shinra how and why their force was founded and informs him that the other Special Fire Forces are hiding something on their own end.

They are then provided with information of the substance Joker had used by Takehisa. Shinra goes with Arthur to rescue a dog , who was reported to be stuck in a tree, and, after it tells the two that a trial for the release of Setsuo Miyamoto will be held soon, helps Mamoru hand out balloons to children. The two then learn of an accident in the courthouse from Takehisa, who was moving to the scene with the rest of the force.

After giving Arthur a lift, the two Fire Soldiers fight the Infernal, with Shinra kicking the opponent and delivering a collaborative attack with Arthur. When Setsuo escapes, Shinra is told to catch up to him and Takehisa assures him that the threat has to be taken care of without prejudice. After Setsuo threatens to kill an innocent kid, Shinra stops him.

The two then start their confrontation, with the Fire Soldier dominating the fight. When Shinra corners Setsuo and cuts off his right forearms, Hibana descends in front of the two. Hibana gazes at Shinra, causing him to collapse and orders him to lick her shoe as he gets restrained by the 3 Angels of the 5th.

After noticing an innocent kid being pushed out of the way, Shinra becomes infuriated and repels the angels away. He stands up and challenges the Special Fire Force Company 5 to a fight as his own force arrives. The next day, Takehisa approaches Shinra and demonstrates his ability to him, informing him that they will be facing unique abilities later on.

Then he begins training the Fire Soldiers on the roof and informs Shinra of Hibana's past.

The Complete Story of Destiny! From origins to Shadowkeep [Timeline and Lore explained]

In the church, he stumbles on Iris and sees her crying. At night, Maki bursts in the room and informs Shinra that Iris has gone missing. During his search, he infiltrates a mansion, where the Angels of the 5th attempt to attack him, but find themselves defeated with a swift kick As he bursts through the door claiming the hero has arrived, he finds Iris being tormented by Hibana. He dashes toward Hibana with his ability but is cut short by Hibana's Ignition Ability, causing Shinra to feel dizzy and fall to the ground.

Instead of accepting the loss, Shinra thinks nothing of the ability but simply his imagination, and through willpower, manages to stand up steadily. Shinra goes in to attack, but due to his dizziness, falls to the ground and is tormented by Hibana's Cherry Blossom attack. Afterwards, he is trapped in a whirl of flames. Refusing to give up for Hibana's sake, Shinra overcomes her abilities and lands a punch on Hibana and knocks her unconscious.

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When she wakes up, Hibana describes how she was always relied on by her Sisters but she herself could never rely on anyone. This is when Shinra jumps up and states he will be her hero whenever she needs one, to which she blushes. A little while later, Shinra attended the dinner party held by the 5th as a backup plan for infiltrating it, allowing him to explain to the higher-ups that it was simply a late-night training collaboration. Shinra doesn't hesitate to ask whether the newcomers can practice their own skills against those of the 1st in a practice-battle, much to everybody else's surprise.

Questioned on his reason for joining the Special Fire Force , Shinra expresses his desire to become a hero and save people from the Phenomenon. Karim catches the two and calmly explains that he has also being investigating the insect and a series of bizarre Infernal sightings involving children. Later on, while looking for Rekka from the sky, Shinra comes across a sudden noise in an abandoned warehouse, and soon notices flames coming from the structure. He descends into the warehouse and stomps on Rekka's face to stop him from killing Tamaki.

Upon realising how many people Rekka has killed in the pursuit of the Adolla, Shinra impulsively goes in for the attack once again.

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As Shinra takes a breath in relief, a sudden flare of light fired by a sniper shoots through the building and pierces Rekka through the chest, killing him. Soon after, while still in the abandoned warehouse, Shinra informs Karim and Foien on the white hooded figures that killed Rekka. As he arrives back at the Cathedral 8 , he begins to settle in, regathering his teammates strange antics. Just before he could let loose and relax, he spots Tamaki in front of him, startled.

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Akitaru then explains that as punishment, she has joined Company 8 until further notice. Arthur's whereabouts, to which Akitaru states he is lost. They later file a missing persons report. Time passes by and Arthur returns home. Upon arriving, Shinra sets eyes on the 7th Captain , and accidentally offends him. As the emperor of Tokyo arrives, the conference starts, he talks of all the forces working together to track down the preacher.

Raffles then directly speaks to Shinra about his attainment of Adolla Burst , claiming he should protect it. After the conference on his way to purchase utilities, Shinra runs into Joker in an alleyway.

He later plays hide-n-seek with Hinata and Hibana , and then apologies to Benimaru for disrespecting him earlier. Defeat all except for Akitaru, Benimaru prepares his final attack on Akitaru, but is stopped by Konro before he collapses. After the confrontation, Shinra checks to see if Konro is alright, to which he learned how Konro damages his body after overusing his ignition ability. Upon hearing that Konro will die for his Captain, Shinra makes him promise to ask for his help if things became that dire.

Soon after, the brigades discover that the White-Clad has infiltrated Asakusa, and posed as Hikage. Upon the discovery, the city abrupt's in flames, followed by the group being targeted by a Third Generation's Ignition Ability. Shinra and Arthur depart the scene to search for the sniper, but finds himself attacked by the sniper, and also by her partner. As Shinra and Arthur face the pair, they manage to overpower Haran, leading to him eating a Bug and turning himself into an Infernal with Horns.

Akitaru sends off Shinra, Arthur, and Iris to attain Vulcan for their company, leaving Shinra happy with the responsibility. Hearing the voices outside his workshop, Vulcan walks out, telling the Fire Soldiers to leave at once. Shortly after introducing herself, they are disrupted by the loud banging of Vulcan's engineering work. He decides to show them a stunning projection of world's animals and explains his goal to one day ensure the safety of all animals to the amazed Fire Force members. Shinra smiles, and says to himself that Vulcan is perfect for them.

After telling his peers, Shinra devises a plan to locate Giovanni's whereabouts while Arthur and Iris go to protect the others in the workshop. After a brief fight, Shinra is electrocuted into unconsciousness and given over to the White Clad.

Arthur Boyle

Hibana arrives and knocks out the two escorts before freeing him of his restraints. Charging back towards Vulcan's workshop, Arthur tells him to get inside the workshop as soon as possible, during which he bypasses Flail and Mirage. Bursting through the workshop's door, Shinra immediately knees Giovani to the face. Vulcan manages to free Shinra using one of his inventions, leading to Shinra attacking Giovani with a barrage of kicks, knocking him through a wall to the outside in the process.