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The computer, on the other hand, could do that perfectly well. The problem fell apart fairly easily, actually.

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The changing states of this relationship are reflected in the three groups of works in this exhibition, which include works on paper made by AARON and presented as "orthodox" editioned prints, as well as one-off printed images that have then been permanently mounted and surface-treated to function as "paintings. The exhibition also includes a screen-based version of the program in the exhibition, which continuously modifies a single image for the duration of the show.

Cohen represented the U.

He gave me his number, we kissed good-bye, and I closed to the door. I heard knocking and thought it was Alex. I opened the door to find no one there. He gave me the directions and told me not to get lost again.

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I hung up the phone, excited. I was going to see him again! Then I heard the fridge open, and stuff being thrown to the floor. I looked at the TV and he was gone. I heard the door slam and ran back upstairs but he was gone…All that was left was a cup of hot chocolate on the table….

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I knocked on his door and he answered. Only he was scared. He showed me and asked him to lie down and to relax; I gave him a massage for he can feel better. I saw him…looking straight at me…with a rage filled expression. I pulled Alex back up and he pushed me on the bed and started to kiss me more. I tried to push him back because I knew where it was heading.

He stopped and smiled. He said that it was okay and helped me back up.

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I looked at the TV, and saw his eyes staring at Alex. Only if you wash my clothes later! I smiled and said.

His dark menacing look of pure hatred staring directly at me, He laughed and he sounded…insane. It echoed in my ears and sounded far yet really close to my ear at the same time. I started to calm and turned on the TV. The dog always is wrecking stuff and yet the owner always loving him.

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Showing the pure and loving friendship that my and I had…then… the kids in my neighborhood let the dog loose and I posted posters all over the city for him to be found. The people here hated that dog and took them all down. Then I found him, he was dead in the middle of the street five blocks away from my house. I walked all the way home carrying my friend. I buried him in my backyard and after weeks of grieving his loss, I found someone. My other self in the TV screen. Just looking at me and smiling, always motioning me to smile…. I realized that it was taking too long for Alex to have the food ready.

Whenever I kept my own company. About 15 years ago, I was living in Miami and my parents were in Central Florida when my father was given a diagnosis of cancer. He was then in his mids. The doctors were not optimistic, and it seemed certain he was about to die. A year later, during one of my visits, he and I were taking a walk when he said he had a confession to make. He had fathered a son by another woman not long before he married my mother. He told her of him, and after they wed they tried to gain custody of the child, but failed. My father never knew what became of my half brother, but he and my mother had agreed it was best to keep him a secret from me.

However, after years of searching, that son had tracked him down.

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They had spoken on the phone, and he was coming to visit. My father was telling me all this only because there was no way to keep the secret any longer. What did trouble me was that I had grown up believing I was his firstborn, and the realization that, had he died the year before, as he nearly did, I would never have known the truth.

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And he said it was true. Yes, my mother almost went mad. No, she had not spoken of him since, nor had my father ever spoken to her of him. I promised him I would not mention the matter to anyone while she lived. He told me my brother was three minutes my elder, and that we were indistinguishable from each other. My parents are now dead, and for reasons irrelevant to all this, I am not close to my half brother or to the siblings who were born after me.