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Turning wildlife experiences into conservation action: Can white shark cage-dive tourism influence conservation behaviour? DOI: Provided by Flinders University. This document is subject to copyright.

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English Vocabulary with Pictures: 27 Ocean Words

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The word ship is used for larger vessels, like the cruise ship in the picture. There are also cargo ships used to carry products from one country to another and warships used for combat. The type of vessel that travels under the water is called a submarine. You need special training and a license to go scuba diving. This snorkeler is looking at a coral reef. Swimsuit or bathing suit is the general term for what you wear to go swimming, for both women and men.

Another common style is trunks or swim trunks, which look like long shorts. Flip-flops are a specific type of sandal.

Sharks and Prehistoric Sea Life Collection - The Kids' Picture Show (Fun & Educational)

They are often made of rubber and are designed like in the picture above. Whales are very large ocean animals. Watch out for sharks! Some jellyfish can also be dangerous. Stingray is another common fish.

You often see seagulls near the ocean.